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The Way Of
Divine Union

by A E Waite

Published by Imagier Publishing, Bristol 2020

Edited, and with an Introduction & Supplementary notes by R.A. Gilbert


The Encounter

"The counsel is therefore to remember that we are the Sanctum Regnum—the Holy Kingdom—the centrum concentratum of love and that it is for us to learn the Royal Art by which it is prepared for the Presence to abide in our love therein. The preparation is the Practice of the Presence, a will to realisation of that which is always there, and this is a will to love. It is the Practice also of Peace.”

Quote from p320-21


Arthur E. Waite (1857 – 1942)

A mystic, poet, and prolific author on the various aspects of Western esotericism. He was among the first to produce objective, scholarly studies of these subjects, and to provide accessible editions and translations of important texts in this field – notably the works of the French occultist, Eliphas Lévi, and the English alchemist, Thomas Vaughan.

Dr Robert A. Gilbert

An author & retired antiquarian bookseller who has written & lectured widely on Western esotericism, Christian spirituality, and related topics. Among his many published works are: Elements of Mysticism (1991), Gnosticism, Gnosis an Introduction (2012), while his deep study of A.E. Waite’s life & work has led to a biography - A.E. Waite: Magician of Many Parts (1987) - a bibliography.

What You Will Learn?

Frequently Asked Questions

It is an objectives and scholarly study of the mystical life by a practising and discerning mystic whose work has stood the test of time.
No, it is the life of the soul experiencing the divine through Contemplation.

It is one of the most informative books available in the English Language and will enrich the mind of anyone who reads it.

The evolution of the soul to its natural state of oneness with the Divine – Waite speaks a great deal about this.
They find themselves in the presence of the ‘Hidden or Secret Church’ about which little can be said to those who have not achieved Divine union

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