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The Secret Garden of the Soul – An Introduction to the Kabbalah

The Secret Garden of the Soul began its life in the mid 1980’s as a collection of personal notes intended for students of the Kabbalah. The terms and references that have been used by Kabbalists over the centuries, and in different parts of the world, make it a daunting task to teach – often different words are used to say the same thing, sometimes deliberately and sometimes an accident of time, place, and language. Over the years the shape of this book has evolved through countless discussions with such students.

The Secret Garden of the Soul was never intended to be definitive, or a guide to magic. If anything, it is a guide for students within the Order to the mystical thought, methods and terminology of Kabbalistic mystics and contemplatives. It introduces readers to the perplexing world of the Kabbalah, guiding them through its origins and history; throwing light on its obscure terms and mysterious language, explaining, and interpreting its mystical symbolism, doctrine, and practices. With that purpose in mind, I concealed within the text a secret code, a cipher if you will, as an exercise in Kabbalistic thought – few have found it and none have been able to interpret it – yet!

The title reflects the fact that throughout history Kabbalists have likened the soul to a garden, a secret garden hidden deep within our being. Indeed, from the earliest times Kabbalistic teachings and disciplines were directed towards enabling students to enter that secret garden and engage with the inner reality of their own being. As such, within its niche, it has sold, and continues to sell reasonably well.

The Secret Garden of the Soul is available from Crucible books in Paperback and Hardback, and will be available in Kindle and Audio very soon. 

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