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The Pilgrimage

The Rose Priory Dialogues was a new and interesting challenge for me, and I must say, whether it is judged to be good or bad from a literary perspective, I did enjoy writing it. Some have called it a work of faction rather than fiction and I can’t argue with that. The most exciting thing about it from my perspective was the conveying of information about some of the underlying principles of the spiritual life in a reasonably accessible fashion.

The Pilgrimage was very different in tone. The book is essentially about Temple Symbolism. It leads the reader is led into an allegorical exploration of temple symbolism revealing truths about the secret life of the soul, a life that is central to those individuals that have heard the call of the Holy Spirit, and who are compelled to undertake a pilgrimage that leads them into the inner sanctum of Creation.

Following in the footsteps of the great exemplars of the ‘Tradition’ the author uses the narrative of The Pilgrimage to inform the reader about some of the most outstanding features of the ‘inner life’ that souls will encounter. Stefan, represents the candidate who is led through the elemental world to the ‘inner temple’ by Brother Marcus. He is a student of the ‘mysteries’ who must necessarily transcend the lower instinctive nature, which he does through the knowledge he acquires from the Angelic beings he meets along the way. The elements of this tale are timeless and are as just as relevant today as they were three thousand years ago.

The outer points to the inner, unless we are spellbound by the outer, then we move around an ever-expanding landscape forever enlarging our destiny. Once we recognise the way to the inner, that spell is broken and the path opens, as it were, towards the still centre of being… 

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