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Spiritualise Your Life - What Every Christian Should know

By Allan Armstrong


A Remarkable Encounter

I first met the old monk in the autumn of 1981. A work colleague invited me to a meeting of people interested in the esoteric. I had agreed to go but without expecting much from it. The truth was I was quite worn-out and too tired to get excited about anything, because for the last five years, and with no great success, I’d been wandering the world looking for genuine exponents of the mystical life. I had not long since returned from a fascinating but fruitless visit to India, where I had spent the best part of a year looking for an Indian holy man...


Allan Armstrong

Born in the UK., Allan Armstrong, now retired, has had a varied career. He is married with two sons & four grandchildren. In 1975 he became a member of a religious order consisting of men & women, dedicated to living the contemplative life whilst dwelling in the secular world.

He has been a teacher of meditation since the mid 1980s. For much of his adult life he has devoted his time to exploring & developing an understanding of spiritual disciplines, including: prayer & meditation; symbolism; liturgical studies; mysticism & spiritual healing methods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To introduce the reader to a rich mystical tradition that is fast being eroded from our culture.

It is a rich story that discusses issues that beset humanity, and provides spiritual answers to some of its many secular problems.

It is both fact and fiction, which the reader will no doubt discover as they read the book.

Bristol, UK, an ancient city with a long tradition of spirituality.

It is an enjoyable narrative expressing a different viewpoint from our post-modern society.

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