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Tales of Brother Marcus - The Pilgrimage

By Allan Armstrong

The Pilgrimage, a study in Temple Symbolism


The Encounter

"As dawn broke, a sea mist rolled over the shoreline engulfing the land in a strange impenetrable silence. The black-robed monk stood on the gritty sand blind to all but the shifting clouds of mist that seemed to be saturated with a soft white light. He stood perfectly still, calm and attentive, mindful of the mist’s disorientating power, and noted its cold damp touch on his face and hands and he was glad to be wearing a warm cloak. Although able to see and make sense of very little, his sense of smell evoked images of an ancient coastline forever turned towards the setting Sun, where the four elements met, combining and recombining in a perpetual dance of life and death, of beginnings and endings..." - EXTRACT FROM PAGE 7.


Allan Armstrong

Allan Armstrong, now retired, has had a varied career. He is married with two sons and four grandchildren. In 1975 he joined a religious order (the ODP) consisting of men and women, dedicated to living the contemplative life whilst dwelling in the secular world. He has been a teacher of meditation since the mid-1980s. For much of his adult life he has devoted his time exploring and developing an understanding of spiritual disciplines, including: prayer & meditation; symbolism; liturgical studies; mysticism and spiritual healing methods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To introduce the reader to a rich mystical tradition that is fast being eroded from our culture.

It is a rich story that discusses issues that beset humanity, and provides spiritual answers to some of its many secular problems.

It is both fact and fiction, which the reader will no doubt discover as they read the book.

Bristol, UK, an ancient city with a long tradition of spirituality.

It is an enjoyable narrative expressing a different viewpoint from our post-modern society.

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