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Spiritualise Your Life – What Every Christian Should Know

spiritualise your life

Spiritualise Your Life-What Every Christian Should Know was written as a follow-up to Notes on Meditation, which dealt mainly with the biological and mechanical aspects of Meditation. As such it was intended for a mainly secular readership that wanted to understand the practical foundations of meditation, rather than engage with the spiritual dimensions normally associated with meditation.

On the other hand, Spiritualise Your Life-What Every Christian Should Know, was designed primarily for those who want to enrich their spiritual life. The secular life of Christianity is concerned with how we treat each other and how we live in the world. It is as ethical domain with many issues that must be dealt with socially one way or another. It is also a domain, in which we as individuals have little more than a faint communal voice to influence events taking place therein. However, the spiritual life of Christianity is very much in our own hands, and although it is much neglected, it is easily remedied with the appropriate change of heart and mind. This book is intended to introduce readers to means and methods centred around prayer and meditation that will enable them to accomplish that.

As the title declares, the main theme of this book is what we personally can do to enhance the spiritual aspect of our lives. It is divided into two parts. The first part of the book explores the frequently misunderstood practice of meditation; focusing upon organising the processes that enable the student to engage with the interior life. It is concerned with developing an understanding of the biological factors that stand in the way of our ability to meditate and provides simple guidelines that enable us to recognise, understand and overcome the obstacles that confront our endeavours.

The second part is concerned with the central role of prayer in our daily life. Herein, I discuss the history and roots of Prayer & Meditation, with the purpose of developing a greater understanding of what prayer means. I also introduce and discuss insights concerning the traditional approach to prayer, including techniques and traditional practises that have the power to enhance our prayer-life, such as Lectio Divina and Devotio Moderna and the Jesus Prayer.

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