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A Tradition Revealed - Joe, with a handul of friends, Louise, Ruth and Leo, learn things about the old monk and the ancient, indeed far more ancient than one might suppose, Rose Priory that lead them far beyond the limits of their worldly imagination!

The Rose Priory Dialogues is an allegorical tale in the traditional sense, in that it seeks to convey (spiritual) ideas and concepts in story form. Nevertheless it is in its own way a very true story about real events that took place late 20th century in a large city located in the West of England.

I first conceived the idea of writing this allegorical tale about Brother Marcus, who incidentally is a real person, in response to an irrepressible desire to describe aspects of an ancient tradition of spiritual evolution I had been introduced to in my mid-twenties. I wanted to describe this tradition without it being interpreted as being part of a recruitment drive, or, appearing as a quasi-mystical order riddled with dodgy concepts and doctrines that are typical of late medieval fantasies expressed in and by some of the mystical and magical orders that emerged during the late 19th and early 20th century, and which are still commonplace today.

Brother Marcus himself, both literally and metaphorically, represents the ‘Tradition’. He is a custodian of an ageless way of spiritual evolution. The people who feature in this tale are also real people, whose aspirations were then, and are still now genuine, and whose comments were real and accurately reported. Their names have been changed to protect their identity for obvious reasons. However, they and their friends know who is who. Furthermore, the subject matter and teaching discussed throughout this book are part of the currency of ideas these people share in their spiritual lives.

It is said that truth is stranger than fiction, but, it is a greater truth that the romance of the soul’s search for the permanent reality that is the Divine, in this and any other world, is far more interesting than a collection of mere facts. Thus it was that this story emerged out of very real meetings and discussions that took place among the people who populate this book.

Moreover, the conclusions are equally if not more real than reason might suppose, for the doorway of the soul gives entry to an interior world of experience and the writing of this book was undertaken with that in mind. it is also available as on Amazon, Audible and itunes as an AUDIOBOOK, see:

Paperback version: The Rose priory Dialogues see:

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