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A brief history of the development and emergence of a spiritual essence taking place within the heart and mind of the Order of Dionysis & Paul.

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Order of Dionysis & Paul

Our civilisation has been subject to a thousand-year rule of Logic and a four-hundred year rule of Reason. Yet, as I write this brief historical and spiritual overview of the Order of Dionysis & Paul, the world is clearly in deep trouble. Arguably, this is because the lessons we need to learn concerning self-control, tolerance, kindness, land and financial reform etc,  are not issues that logic and reason are designed to deal with. The problems are spiritual problems requiring spiritual remedies, not readily found within the parameters of the secular world. It was with this in mind the Order of Dionysis & Paul was founded.


has been the traditional means by which we are able to find the answers to such problems. Unfortunately it too has succumbed to the force majeure of logic and reason. Arguably, reason, rather than inspiration, has become the primary method of acquiring insight into the mysteries of religion. This is a problem because reason can only explain this world it knows, and frequently fails to do even that. In truth, the more rational religion has become, the more impotent it has grown. By comparison, those religions that are by definition non-rational, have thrived.

This book

is not so much a history of events, or a record of what has happened to the Order laid out in a chronological time-line, but a story of a transformation from one state to another very different state. It is a story of rebirth that exists simultaneously outside and within space-time. It exists outside of space-time, in that it concerns the development and emergence of a spiritual essence taking place within the heart and mind of the Order. Yet, it clearly exists within space-time, as described in the Order’s record of that emergence; not all of which is comfortable.

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