Jolyon Trimingham

Jolyon Trimingham studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxford University, and wrote his undergraduate thesis on Henri Bergson’s ‘Time and Free Will’. Ten years later he returned to Paris to  study philosophy at the Sorbonne.

Jolyon Trimingham’s formative years were dominated by his wildly eccentric Canadian father, a prolific inventor. Removed from his school in London for a year’s round-the-world trip with him when he was thirteen, Jolyon did not break free of his father’s unconventional and nomadic influence until his early twenties when he left his father’s workshop and went to live in Paris.

“I developed a special interest in three writers, Immanuel Kant, the German philsopher of history, Oswald Spengler, and the  twentieth century mystic Russian writer P.D. Ouspensky. The seeds of Understanding Time were planted in the reading of their works. When discussing the nature of time they seemed to be talking about different subjects, but the idea dawned upon me that there must be a kind of paradigm shift which could link Spengler’s chronological time, Ouspensky’s mystical time and Kant’s time centred round mathematics and natural philosophy”.

Outside of his career as a technical writer, which has taken him all over Europe, Jolyon has found time to restore an open-air Regency swimming pool in Bath, launch a successful bid to save a hill top lake in Yorkshire from being drained, and stood as the Green Party parliamentary candidate for Dover in 2015.