Edward Langton (1886 – 1965)

Edward Langton

Today, little is known about Edward Langton other than what has been gleaned from an obituary published in the 1966 Minutes of the Methodist Church. From this we learn the following:

Edward Langton was born into a Methodist family living in Little Budworth, Cheshire. He was inspired at an early age to become a minister within that Church. He trained for the ministry at Handsworth College, 1909 – 1912, and after his probation he devoted his life to serving the circuit ministry of the North of England.

One of Langton’s notable characteristics was his enthusiastic pursuit of knowledge. After the First World War (1914-19) he became a student at London University, where he acquired his B.D. Degree, followed shortly afterwards by a B.D. (Hons).

Some years later he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Divinity (D.D.) for a thesis on the general subject of “The Doctrine of Good and Evil Spirits”.

The theme of his thesis remained a subject of profound interest throughout his life, resulting in his writing and publishing several more books on the subject.

Edward Langton’s retirement was spent at Cheadle Hulme, in the Bramhall Circuit, where he continued to exercise his ministry on a part-time basis.

He died on the 12th July 1965, in the eightieth year of his life and the fifty-third year of his ministry.