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A Theurgic Life by Allan Armstrong


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A Theurgic Life
Publisher: Imagier Publishing, Bristol 2023
Hardback, sewn sections, bound in dark-blue silk book cloth, with Dust Jacket
Condition: NEW

The author demonstrates in this book that far from being a discipline frequently associated with magic, which is the assertion of Self above all else, it is a means by which the soul is able to find union with the Divine aspect of life that is ever-present within Creation. He sums up the work of theurgy in the following statement:

*Let us never forget that the theurgic life is not simply a life of never-ending rituals, but a life of service to God, Self, Humanity, Nature, and all living things that tread the path of becoming.”

The author introduces the reader to an appreciation of a ‘theurgic’ tradition that is surprisingly set in a Christian context, reflecting the constructs of the early Church rather than modern ‘organised religion’, and what this ancient tradition means to the dedicated souls that quietly engage with it today.




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