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The Pilgrimage by Allan Armstrong


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The Pilgrimage, the second mystical adventure by Allan Armstrongrelates the story of Stefan, a man sickened by the endless wars that have blighted his life. Stefan leaves his homeland to seek the legendary land of his ancestors and encounters the mysterious Brother Marcus. With this enigmatic monk he sets out on an extraordinary  journey to a hidden monastery. As it unfolds, the reader is led into an allegorical exploration of temple symbolism that reveals truths about the secret life of the soul.

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Publication: July 2014
Format: 210mm x 148mm p/b
Extent: 211 pages

The Pilgrimage leads the reader is led into an allegorical exploration of temple symbolism revealing truths about the secret life of the soul, a life that is central to those individuals that have heard the call of the Holy Spirit, and who are compelled to undertake a pilgrimage that leads them into the inner sanctum of Creation.

Following in the footsteps of the great exemplars of the ‘Tradition’ the author uses the narrative of The Pilgrimage to inform the reader about some of the most outstanding features of the ‘inner life’ that souls will encounter. The elements of this tale are timeless and are as just as relevant today as they were three thousand years ago.

Author/s Allan Armstrong has devoted his life to developing a greater understanding of the spiritual life and the path of spiritual perfection. His research interests reflect this in his study of spiritual disciplines including prayer & meditation; liturgical studies; spiritual healing Methods; kabbalah and mysticism.

He is the author of The Secret Garden of the Soul; Notes on Meditation; Aspects of the Spiritual Life; The Rose Priory Dialogues; The Pilgrimage and has written introductions to several books including Frederic de Portal’s Symbolic Colours, G.B. Scaramelli’s Handbook of Mystical Philosophy, E.A. Wallis Budge’s translation of The Paradise of the Fathers; C.E. Rolt’s translation of Dionysis on the Divine Names; Dudley Wright’s, Prayer; Ruysbroeck’s The Adornment of the Spiritual Marriage, and the English translation of Brianchaninov’s On the Prayer of Jesus.


8 in stock

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