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The Path of Western Spirituality, was written in the mid-1950’s for the members of the Order of Dionysis and Paul, by its founder, the late Dennis Claude Green (1904 – 1971). It was originally, and is still, given to new members of the Order to introduce them to elements of the spiritual life, with some useful exercises and practices.

The Path of Western Spirituality, introduces simple precepts that are the foundations upon which any philosophical or spiritual system is built. They are applicable to any teacher and teaching in the world. As such they are universal and not difficult to understand.

The Order emerged in the late 1940’s when a group of dedicated spiritual aspirants, sickened by the suffering of the Second World War, came together to support each other in living a spiritual life. The Order community gree around Dennis Green, and in 1953 Dennis established the Order in the name of the Order of St Raphael. It was based to some extent upon the Anglican Guild of St. Raphael, and dedicated to the spiritual life of Prayer, meditation and Healing.

In 1982, under the administration of its prior, the Reverend Morris Saville, it adopted the name of the Order of Dionysis and Paul and was established as a religious order within the Holy Celtic Church, wherein it remains to this day. The Path of Western Spirituality, otherwise known within the Order as The Yoga of Christianity, was written to assist new members in developing their spiritual understanding. It is instructive and simple to read, yet there are many subtleties contained within it.

The men and women who belonged to this religious Order aspire to live the contemplative life inwardly whilst living in the secular world – but although they are in the world, they are not of the world, for their spiritual labours of communal worship, contemplation and study, enables them to establish a spiritual context in which their daily lives subsist.

Publisher, ODP Publications, Bristol, 2013
Paperback, pp.60



8 in stock

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