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SYMBOLIC COLOURS by Frederic de Portal


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A truly important work with many references scarcely known today concerning the mystical symbolism of colour.

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Extent: 171 pages
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A rare treatise concerning the religious symbolism of colour written in 1837. It was published in English as a limited edition of 100 copies in 1845. There has been no English edition published since.

Within SYMBOLIC COLOURS Portal has gathered together many historical references concerning such symbolism and in doing so has preserved a unique insight and understanding of another time, a time more concerned with spiritual verities than with the rewards of a life dedicated to materialism.

Baron Frederic de Portal (1804-1876) Born into a minor noble family from the Languedoc who could trace their ancestry back to the early medieval period. He wrote one other book on symbolism, but it is for Des Couleurs Symboliques (1837) – which was utilised by Eliphas Lévi in his studies of the Kabbalah – that he is deservedly best known.



8 in stock

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