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LUMEN DE LUMINE by Thomas Vaughan Edited by A.E. Waite


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A. E. Waite

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Publisher, Imagier Publishing, Bristol, 2021.
Hardback, with Dust-Jacket, sewn sections, bound in blue book-cloth with gilt lettering to spine and front cover, pp. 129 + 2 b/w illus.


Thomas Vaughan, the author of Lumen de Lumine, was like that of the period which he represents; he recalls Robert Fludd, Reuchlin the Kabbalist, and many others who, possessing certain lights for the explanation of the mystery of the soul, were mindful also of the Hermetic doctrine that the things that are below correspond to the things that are above – the macrocosm summarised in the microcosm..

A.E. Waite writes in the introduction to Lumen de Lumine, “The tract is offered by its title as a new magical light communicated to the world: let us see therefore what he (Thomas Vaughan) has to say about Magic. . . those who understood it of old divided it into three parts—elemental or physical, celestial or astrological, and spiritual . . .

According to Vaughan, the three divisions which I have cited are intermarried, and it is indispensable that they should so be for the accomplishment of any great work. This, however, is when they are comprehended at their height, for normally they are now dismembered. Once they were united in a single natural subject; but man separated them, with the result that they became dead and ineffectual . . .”


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