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EARTH AIR FIRE WATER by Andrew Francis


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Earth Air Fire Water – An anthology of poems by Andrew Francis, reflecting a ‘spirit of place’ rooted in the elemental nature of an experience.

Earth Air Fire Water, a collection of elemental poetry by Andrew Francis, reflects a ‘spirit of place’ rooted in the elemental nature of an experience. The author challenges the reader to think about their own relationship to the planet and experiences which we share. The poetic style ranges from stark to smooth, reflecting this poets experience of the world, and to communicate either the rhythm or rawness of each poem. his work, is as ever, deeply contemplative.
Earth Air Fire Water ‘Another rich volume of Andrew Francis’ poetry, with its searing imagery and words creatively embedded into shapes on the page. As ever, the insights challenge, as his care for creation and the kind of community which he envisions, emerge in every poem.’ – Matt Fielden, poet & therapist, Northumbria
In Earth Air Fire Water “are clever, playful, poems, the reading of which dropped me at once into a deeper-thinking, memory-rich place in my mind. Andrew Francis writes of things I recognise, whether or not I’ve seen them, and always with a deep compassion and caring, for the ancient and metaphorical as much as for the present and utterly real. These poems resonate with intimate, loving thoughtfulness, delighting  equally in a handful of earth and the vast mystery of what grows therein.”  Talis, Singer-songwriter, Wiltshire
Andrew Francis is a community theologian, whose spiritual roots range from radical activism to contemplative stillness. Following undergraduate studies in law and theology, he went onto to gain an MTh for his work on radical theological movements, and then a doctorate in Princeton, USA for work about how Christian communities use and share food.  He says “when life quietens down”, he hopes to complete his unfinished MA in History of Art and an MSc in Zoology.

ISBN: 978-1-910216-13-2
Format: Paperback 200mm x 170mm
Extent: 105 pages
Artwork: b/w illustrations


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