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Avebury: Rime and Time by Andrew Francis


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The first solo anthology of poems from Andrew Francis. There are a few extant privately circulated booklets of his poetry. This collection draws together two of those booklets – one of eight seasonal sonnets (all included here) and nine from the ‘Faith & Life’s questions’ booklet again all are included here, plus nearly 30 mostly unpublished others.

Avebury: Rime and Time is the first formally published anthology of poems from Andrew Francis.

Avebury: Rime and Time, an anthology of poems by the author, has been organised into four sections. The first is ‘In the beginnings’ and lastly ‘And in the end…..’. These act as bookends to two larger central sections – the first captures a variety of experiences, entitled ‘Moments and days’, whilst the 17-strong ‘Seasonal Sonnets’ follows the year’s round. At the heart of Avebury: Rime and Time is the short prose ‘A word in the middle’ explaining Andrew Francis’ continuing journey into poetry.

He writes, “So often, as for me, the poet becomes her/his landscape and the landscape of their lives, geographic and metaphysical, becomes their poetry. So it is with Avebury, for me – a place of every season and its stones have heard the cries of all my emotions. For everyone, such special places are to be enjoyed, nay, relished and returned to – often. But whether it was Wordsworth then or Alice Oswald now, perhaps but just a single poem may touch your life’s experience. In that way, I hope you have already found one in this volume, or perhaps it is yet to come in the following pages. Enjoy and return often….” Andrew Francis

Andrew Francis is a poet, published writer, speaker and community theologian. He lives in north Wiltshire where among other things he tends his garden. Previously he has exhibited his  hand-thrown pottery, sold his own paintings and played in various occasional folk-groups. He enjoys cooking for friends, baking bread,  making hedgerow wines, jams and chutneys s well as vegetable growing. He is a member of the Poetry Society.


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ISBN: 978-0-9558415-6-9
Format: 210mm x 148mm p/b
Extent:79 pages


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