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AUDIOBOOK: TALES OF BROTHER MARCUS – THE PILGRIMAGE by Allan Armstrong Narrated by Ian Sheffield

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Audiobook: Tales of Brother Marcus – The Pilgrimage – by Allan Armstrong, narrated by Ian Sheffield. A study of temple symbolism presented in the form of a journey to a secret monastery through the silent landscape of 5th Cen. Britain.

The author presents in Tales of Brother Marcus – The Pilgrimage the story of Stefan, a young man sickened by the endless brutal wars that have blighted his world. It is a tale set in the distant past – in the ‘dark ages’ of Europe, when the darkness of barbarism descended upon the world. With the assistance of Brother Marcus, his journey turns into a Pilgrimage as he engages with the truths of life in the form of Temple Symbolism.

The tale begins with Stefan leaving his stricken homeland, setting sail to seek the legendary home of his ancestors, where he hopes to find the answers to his problems. After many days at sea he beaches his boat on the shore of a mist-shrouded land where he encounters Brother Marcus, an enigmatic monk, who guides him on a long and mysterious journey to a secret monastery, in which the answers he seeks may be found. En-route his preconceptions are gradually washed away by the spiritual truths revealed in Temple Symbolism.

Allan Armstrong the author of Audiobook: Tales of Brother Marcus – The Pilgrimage has devoted his life to developing a greater understanding of the spiritual life and the path of spiritual perfection. His research interests reflect this in his study of comparative religion; spiritual disciplines including prayer and meditation; liturgical studies; temple symbolism; spiritual healing methods and mysticism. Also available in Kindle and Paperback.

He is the author of Tales of Brother Marcus I and II; The Secret Garden of the Soul; Notes on Meditation; and Aspects of the Spiritual life. He has written introductions to Frederick de Portal’s Symbolic Colours, GB Scaramelli’s Handbook of Mystical Philosophy. EA Wallace-Budges translation of the Paradise of the Fathers; CE Rolt’s translation of Dionysius on Divine Names;     W. Wright’s Prayer; Roysbroeck’s The Adornment of the Spiritual Marriage, and the English translation of Brianchaninov’s On the Prayer of Jesus.

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