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Audiobook: SPIRITUALISE YOUR LIFE an introduction to the essential disciplines of the central life of traditional Christianity.

Audiobook: SPIRITUALISE YOUR LIFE, is divided into two parts; the first part explores  meditation; being concerned with developing an understanding of the core biological and psychodynamic factors that stand in the way of our ability to meditate, and provides tried and tested guidelines to understand and overcome a wide range of obstacles that confront our endeavours in this work.

The focus on the second part is concerned with the central role of prayer in the life of the soul; discussing its history and roots with the purpose of developing a greater understanding of what prayer means.

SPIRITUALISE YOUR LIFE began as a collection of notes gathered together in the late 1980’s for students and teachers of meditation under the guidance of the late Reverend Morris Saville, the prior of a religious community of men and women dedicated to living a contemplative life whilst dwelling in the secular world.

Allan Armstrong the author of Audiobook: SPIRITUALISE YOUR LIFE and has devoted his life to developing a greater understanding of the spiritual life and the path of spiritual perfection. His research interests reflect this in his study of comparative religion; spiritual disciplines including prayer and meditation; liturgical studies; spiritual healing methods and mysticism. Also available in Kindle and Paperback.

He is the author of Tales of Brother Marcus I and II; The Secret Garden of the Soul; Notes on Meditation; and Aspects of the Spiritual life. He has written introductions to Frederick de Portal’s Symbolic Colours, GB Scaramelli’s Handbook of Mystical Philosophy. EA Wallace-Budges translation of the Paradise of the Fathers; CE Rolt’s translation of Dionysius on Divine Names; W Wright’s Prayer; Roysbroeck’s The Adornment of the Spiritual Marriage, and the English translation of Brianchaninov’s On the Prayer of Jesus.

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