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By admin / September 29, 2013

Chapter One of Notes on Meditation

 1. The word ‘Meditation’ has been in circulation for ever, so it would seem, but the question remains, what is...

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Front cover of The Rose Priory Dialogues
By admin / July 6, 2013


A Tradition Revealed - Joe, with a handul of friends, Louise, Ruth and Leo, learn things about the old monk and the ancient, indeed far more ancient than one might suppose, Rose Priory that lead them far beyond the limits of their worldly imagination!

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By admin / April 18, 2013

London Bookfair 2013

We took a stand at the London Book Fair 2013 which ran from Monday 15th to Wednesday 17th of April....

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Front cover of Symbolic Colours
By admin / March 9, 2013

Symbolic Colours

The three languages of colours, divine, consecrated, and profane, classify in Europe the three estates of society, the clergy, the nobles, and the people. The large glass windows of Christian churches, like the paintings of Egypt, have a double signification, the apparent and the hidden; the one is for the uninitiated, the other applies itself to the mystic creeds. The theocratic era lasted to the renaissance; at this epoch symbolic expression is extinct; the divine language of colours is forgotten, painting becomes an art and is no longer a science.

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Front cover of Notes on Meditation
By admin / February 24, 2013

Notes on Meditation

There follows an extract from my book Notes on Meditation. People I have spoken with since its publication have expressed...

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Front Cover of The Secret Garden of the Soul
By admin / February 8, 2013

The Secret Garden of the Soul

a comprehensive overview of the origins of Kabbalah, the Tree of Life, the significance and use of letters and numbers, and shows how through studying the symbolism and engaging in the disciplines of the Kabbalah it is possible to enter the Secret Garden of the Soul and become aware of the spiritual reality therein.

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Front cover of Glastonbury - Origins of the Sacred
By admin / November 28, 2012

Glastonbury: Origins of the Sacred

For more than five hundred years the word ‘Glastonbury’ meant an abbey, not a town. One of the greatest and most ancient in the kingdom, Glastonbury Abbey claimed to be ‘the fount and origin of all religion in England.

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Front cover of Gnosticism & Gnosis
By admin / November 23, 2012

Gnosticism and Gnosis

From the beginning, and even more so at the present day, definers of the term ‘Gnosticism’ have tended to follow the approach of Humpty Dumpty, who told Alice that, ‘When I use a word … it means exactly what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less’.

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By admin / October 1, 2012

Update: Tales of Brother Marcus II – The Pilgrimage

Since my last posting I have been asked more than a few questions by several people who had read the posting....

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