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6, Jul 13


The Rose Priory Dialogues is an allegorical tale in the traditional sense, in that it seeks to convey spiritual ideas...

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13, Jun 13

Book Extracts Notice

I have begun posting on Facebook, on a daily basis, extracts from books published by Imagier Publishing. See: The last few...

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18, Apr 13

London Bookfair 2013

We took a stand at the London Book Fair 2013 which ran from Monday 15th to Wednesday 17 Read More

9, Mar 13

Symbolic Colours

An extraordinary treatise on the hidden symbolism of colour. Containing many references scarcely known today concerning both symbolism and ancient uses...

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24, Feb 13

Notes on Meditation

There follows an extract from my book Notes on Meditation. People I have spoken with since its publication have expressed...

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8, Feb 13

The Secret Garden of the Soul

THE SECRET GARDEN OF THE SOUL The title, The Secret Garden of the Soul, reflects the fact that throughout history Kabbalists...

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28, Nov 12

Glastonbury: Origins of the Sacred

It may be true that a lot has been written about Glastonbury, but, how much of it is actually true...

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23, Nov 12

Gnosticism and Gnosis

Dr. Robert A. Gilbert’s book, Gnosticism and Gnosis. It is a cracking read and I commend it to anyone with...

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1, Oct 12

Update: Tales of Brother Marcus II – The Pilgrimage

Since my last posting I have been asked more than a few questions by several people who had read the posting....

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