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By Allan Armstrong / March 4, 2017

Spiritualise Your Life!

Allan Armstrong's book Spiritualise Your Life - What Every Christian Should Know, is an important introduction to Prayer & Meditation, the essential disciplines of the spiritual life of traditional Christianity. The main theme of this book is concerned, as the title declares, with spiritualising our lives, and what we as individuals can do to enhance that ability.

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Understanding Time front cover
By Allan Armstrong / September 2, 2016

Understanding Time

Understanding Time is a not only a well informed discussion about the nature of 'time' - one of the great mysteries of human experience - it has the essential feature of all great books, it is interesting!

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By Allan Armstrong / May 23, 2016


I am delighted to introduce you to a new title, The Doctrine of Demons by Edward Langton. The Doctrine of...

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By Allan Armstrong / April 13, 2016


There are records from the earliest times describing the existence and activities of the spiritual beings we call angels. In one form or another, accounts regarding their involvement in events taking place within human society are to be found in all religious cultures. The source material for these accounts reaches back in time through the Greco-Roman era into the ancient and diverse roots of the classical world. It is, however, a vast subject that is far beyond the scope of a single volume to embrace in its entirety. Thus, in this work Edward Langton, the author, discusses the nature of angels as understood in the historic Christian Church - outlining the teaching concerning angels which prevailed in the Church from the time of Augustine” and onwards.

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By Allan Armstrong / February 4, 2016


Where did the idea of the Sefirot originate? In all probability it originated with the Rabbis to the Talmud in the first three centuries of the Christian era. Thus, a passage in T. B. Haggigah , 12a, speaks of the “Ten agencies through which God created the world, viz. wisdom, insight, cognition, strength, power, inexorableness, justice, right, love, mercy.”[p.76]

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Ecclesiastica Celtica
By admin / May 5, 2014

Ecclesiastica Celtica

Herein Sabine Baring-Gould presents the reader with an alternative and more compelling history of the Celtic Church in Britain to that commonly offered by the proponents of the belief that Christianity began in these islands eith with patrick in the mid-fifth century or with Augustine at the end of the sixth.

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Letters of Edward Maitland
By admin / January 11, 2014

Lost Letters of Edward Maitland

Edited, with an introduction by Brian McAllister “There is but one philosophy, one science, one religion, one truth in existence;...

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By admin / December 7, 2013

Psychism and Spirituality

This paper is entitled: Psychism and Spirituality – the Rosicrucian Dilemma, was first read at a Rosicrucian Conference in Bournemouth 2010. it expresses some of my personal reflections on the work of a Rosicrucian, particularly in the context of the FAMA & CONFESSIO, in which, as I understand it, the distinction between Psychism and Spirituality is essential to the accomplishment of the Great Work; by which I mean the spiritual regeneration of the soul of both the individual and of humanity.

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By admin / September 29, 2013

Chapter One of Notes on Meditation

 1. The word ‘Meditation’ has been in circulation for ever, so it would seem, but the question remains, what is...

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