Author Andrew Francis

Andrew Francis is a community theologian, whose spiritual roots range from radical activism to contemplative stillness.

Following undergraduate studies in law and theology, he went onto to gain an MTh for his work on radical theological movements, and then a doctorate in Princeton, USA for work about how Christian communities use and share food. He says “when life quietens down”, he hopes to complete his unfinished MA in History of Art and an MSc in Zoology.

His theological writings include Anabaptism: Radical Christianity (Antioch Press, 2010), Hospitality and Community After Christendom (Paternoster, 2012) and the much anticipated Shalom: The Jesus Manifesto (Paternoster, 2016). His work on Christian social policy includes What in God’s Name are You Eating (Cascade, 2014) about food ethics and he is co-editor (with Trisha Dale) of Foxes Have Holes… (Ekklesia, 2016), a book on UK housing policy. He has also written a biographical study of the political theologian Dorothee Soelle: Life and Work (Imagier, 2014). He has a previous volume of poetry, Avebury: Rime and Time (Kettle Press, 2010).