Author Allan Armstrong

Born in the North-East of England, Allan Armstrong, now retired, has had a varied career. After twenty years as a specialist dealer in contemporary fine art, he served for the last twelve years of his working life as a funeral director at the Memorial Woodlands in the Bristol region. He is married with two sons and four grandchildren.

In 1975 he became a member of a religious order within the Holy Celtic Church, consisting of men and women, dedicated to living the contemplative life whilst dwelling in the secular world. Ordained in 1978, he has served the order as its prior since 1991. He has been a teacher of meditation since the mid 1980s.

Allan has spent much of his adult life exploring and developing an understanding of spiritual disciplines, including: prayer & meditation; symbolism; liturgical studies; mysticism and spiritual healing methods.

He is the author of The Rose Priory Dialogues; The Pilgrimage; Spiritualise Your life; The Secret Garden of the Soul; Notes on Meditation; and Aspects of the Spiritual Life.